Creative Writing Workshop in Glasgow

Encountering R.D. Laing’s Archive: Mental Health, Care and Creativity

18th September 2014 10am – 4pm

Organisers: Cheryl McGeachan, Sarah Hepworth and Geraldine Perrium


As Glasgow marks a significant milestone in its history of mental health care in 2014, being 200-years of organised psychiatric care in the West of Scotland, there is a unique opportunity to develop new conversations across disciplines, professions and communities that question the role of institutions and the future of mental health care in this changing contemporary landscape. Focussing on the life and work of Scotland’s famous and controversial psychiatrist, Ronald David Laing (1927-1989), this event seeks to start critical conversations about the past and present understandings surrounding issues of mental health care.

We invite 12 applicants to join us for a one-day creative writing workshop, ‘Encountering R.D. Laing’s Archive: Mental Health, Care and Creativity’ supported by the Wellcome Trust. This event seeks to bring together a range of individuals from across communities, disciplines and professions to work with a selection of written, visual and audio material from Laing’s personal archive. Creative writer Geraldine Perriam will lead an exploration of the creative ways in which archive material can be used, opening up new discussions into mental health care in Scotland and beyond.

We encourage anyone to apply. As places are limited, selections will be made based on bringing together a range of interested people from different backgrounds. There is no fee and all refreshments on the day will be provided. The event will take place in Special Collections, University of Glasgow Library.

Applications are open until August 1st. Selected applicants will be contacted by Friday 8th August. If you would like to be involved, please complete the application form available to view at the R.D. Laing Collection page:

An opportunity to share experiences and/or material produced from the workshop will be given at the ‘Encountering R.D. Laing: Mental Health, Care and Creativity’ Conference taking place in the University of Glasgow on Friday 10th October 2014 (details to follow).

Further questions about this event should be directed to Cheryl McGeachan

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