Working via practices, talk, stories and virtual spaces

By Hester Parr

My research has been a sustained attempt to make research inclusive for people with mental health problems whose lives may be very much outside of the usual remits/reach of academia. I have tried hard to use research practices which are sensitive and innovative, sometimes pushing boundaries of methodological norms within the context of robust ethical argument.


I have engaged in various methodological practices and forms of writing that reach out to non-verbal subjects or to people who find standard ‘research talk/process’ very difficult. Walking, (co-)writing, virtual survey, digging, body-work, film-making and story-telling have all comprised ways to communicate with, co-research, and represent the lives of people often neglected by the academic mainstream. Post-asylum geographies demand nuanced and creative research methods and I look forward to debate about these within these pages.

Selected References

Parr, H. (2007b) ‘Collaborative film-making as process, method and text in mental health research’. Cultural Geographies 14, 114-138.

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