Group members at RGS-IBG 2014, London

A few of the Asylum and Post-Asylum Spaces group are in London this week (27th-29th August) for the annual Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers (RGS-IBG) Conference. The group members are presenting in the following sessions:

Cheryl McGeachan

Thursday, Session 4: Co-productions of Psychoanalysis and Geography (3): Worlding psychoanalysis
Presentation title: Self/(body-world): examining social entanglement, psychotherapy and psychosis

Kim Ross

Thursday, Session 3: Narrating Ruin, Ruining Narrative: Co-producing sites, materials and stories (1)
Presentation title: Enlivening the archive: site walking

Friday, Session 2: The geographies of architecture, knowledge and care
Presentation title: Affective Power – ‘engineering’ atmospheres and the role of aesthetics in the asylum

Anna Schliehe

Wednesday, Session 3: Children, young people and spaces/practices of care (2)
Presentation title:‘Difficult and unmanageable’ – children and young people in secure care settings in Scotland

Friday, Session 2: Mapping carceral geography – confinement, closed spaces and affective atmospheres (2)
Presentation title: Thinking through carceral geography: conceptualising and exploring confinement

Cris Sarg

Thursday, Session : New and emerging research in postgraduate historical geography
Presentation title: Scottish-Jewish ‘madness’?: An examination of Jewish admissions to the royal asylums of Edinburgh and Glasgow, c.1870-1939

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