Day Conference and Workshop

Troubling Institutions: Exploring Spaces of Security and Care

11th December 2014


After two successful conferences on asylum and post-asylum spaces that explored contemporary and historical perspectives on mental health institutions, this session aims to explore institutional geographies more widely including asylum-related spaces of security and care, like hospitals, residential schools and prisons. 
Conceptualising different settings and institutions under the umbrella of security and care makes it possible to see the asylum as one of a group of spaces that are all – to varying degrees – involved with similar practices and future perspectives. These alternating poles allow for debates on risk and protection; patients, inmates and offenders; agency and mobility; as well as the design of these spaces that is inherent in the built structures. Questions of health, well-being and possibilities for improvement are at the heart of all these institutions – the differing understandings and outcomes of these concepts provide a starting point for geographical engagement and critical analysis.

This day conference and workshop is designed to explore closed institutions, such as prisons, hospitals, children’s homes and asylums, and their implications from a range of disciplinary perspectives, including human geography, criminology and sociology. By bringing together these distant voices this event seeks to connect the expertise across the disciplines and encourage interdisciplinary conversations.

This event is open to all but places are strictly limited. To register please go to: 12653764751

There is no conference fee and all refreshments (excluding the conference meal) throughout the day will be provided. Further questions about this event should be directed to Anna Schliehe:


Troubling Institutions – Exploring Spaces of Security and Care

10.00-10.30 Arrival and Coffee/Tea
10.30-10.45 Welcome and introduction (Anna Schliehe [1] and Cheryl McGeachan [2])
10.45-11.15 Presentation 1 – Institutions for children and young people – Thomas Disney [3]
11.15-12.00 Discussants [Karen Lury [4], Annie Crowley [5], Autumn Roesch-Marsh [6]]
12.00-12.15 Coffee and Tea Break
12.15-12.45 Presentation 2 – Mental health institutions – Sarah Curtis [7]
12.45-13.30 Discussants [Viki Wood [8], Jenny Laws [9], Louise Boyle [10]]
13.30-14:30 Lunch Break
14.30-15.00 Presentation 3 – Institutions of punishment and detention – Dominique Moran [11]
15.00-15.45 Discussants [Jen Turner [12], Sarah Armstrong [13], David Honeywell [14]]
15.45-16.00 Tea/coffee will be made available for the next session
16.00-16.50 Discussion and “Free Session” chaired by Chris Philo [15] 
16.50-17.00 Closing Comments (Anna Schliehe and Cheryl McGeachan)

End of Conference

1 Doctoral Researcher, Human Geography, University of Glasgow
2 Lecturer, School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow
3 Doctoral Researcher, Human Geography, University of Birmingham
4 Professor of Film & Television Studies, University of Glasgow
5 Doctoral Researcher, Criminology, University of Glasgow
6 MSW Programme Director, Lecturer in Social Work, Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh 7 Executive Director – Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience in the Department of Geography, Durham University
8 Research Associate, Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University
9 ESRC – Future Research Leader in the Department of Geography, Durham University
10 Doctoral Researcher, Human Geography, University of Glasgow
11 Reader in Carceral Geography, University of Birmingham
12 Research Associate, Department of Criminology, University of Leicester
13 Senior Research Fellow, Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, University of Glasgow
14 Tutor in Sociology and Criminology, University of York
15 Professor of Geography, University of Glasgow

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