“Lonely Lost People Living in the Wasteland”: Exploring the archive of Thomas Ferguson Rodger

University of Glasgow Library

MS Morgan_H_1_2_Rodger-2 Prof T F Rodger, Kiev 1955 (Sp Col MS Morgan H/1/2)

A blogpost by Phd studentSarah Phelan

Thomas Ferguson Rodger (1907-1978) was first Professor of Psychological Medicine at the University of Glasgow (1948-1973) and consultant psychiatrist at a number of Glasgow hospitals. About a year ago, I tentatively began my investigation into Rodger’s personal papers held by Glasgow University Archives as part of a PhD project which aims to reconstruct Rodger’s somewhat overlooked contribution to the field of twentieth century psychiatry.   It is perhaps surprising that this interesting, once prominent figure has been relatively neglected within the history of Scottish psychiatry: his career encompassed- and to a degree shaped- a period of significant change in psychiatric practice as traditional “asylum-based” psychiatry was being replaced by general hospital- and community- based psychiatry.

dc081-4-1-1-1-1_ferguson_rodger_introductory_lecture_p1Amongst the rich variety of material in Rodger’s archive are his lectures and addresses to his students as…

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