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Introducing: Anna Schliehe

Anna Schliehe is currently a PhD candidate in the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow. Her supervisors are Dr Hester Parr and Prof Chris Philo. Anna can be contacted at:


The nature and experience of spaces of confinement for girls and young women in Scotland

My project is concerned with the experiences of girls and young women who have spent time in closed environments. The discourse on spaces of confinement will be extended by highlighting the young women’s trajectory into detention and the use of closed institutions as a response to ‘deviant’, ‘unmanageable’ and ‘disorderly’ behavior. It analyses how these social, material and symbolic spaces are experienced and responded to and what the institutional journeys between them can look like. The project explores three types of institutions – secure care units, prisons, and closed psychiatric units – as well as working with an organisation called Up-2-Us that offers an intensive support service for young people at high risk of secure care or custody (Time for Change). The geography of these three different systems of confinement for girls and young women works towards an understanding of the carceral experience as embodied, emotional and often repetitive practice going beyond physical carceral detainment.

Schliehe, A. K., 2014, Inside ‘the Carceral’: Girls and Young Women in the Scottish Criminal Justice System. Scottish Geographical Journal, 130 (2), 71-85.