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Introducing: Kim Ross

Kim Ross is a completed PhD student in the School of Geographical & Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow, and can be contacted by email: or twitter: @kimro_s


My research looks into the emergence and development of the later ‘Asylum Age’ in nineteenth century Scotland.

Approaching the archive from a nuanced geographical Foucauldian/affective perspective, the research begins on the eve of the 1857 Lunacy (Scotland) Act and the establishment of a national asylum system in Scotland through the contraction of state-run district asylums. The ideal Scottish ‘blueprint’ for asylum location and architecture is uncovered and reconstructed by ‘picking out’ the macro and micro-geographies discussed, then applying this model to the district asylums to see what extent the ‘ideal’ was reached, but also to see how it was moulded and developed over the following decades. Using statistical evidence, map-work and a systematic reading of reports from official inspectorates and regulatory bodies, the research traces the numbers, locations, changing sizes and fortunes of all of the asylums involved, in order to reconstruct, from the macro to the micro scales, the specific geography of the district asylum system in Scotland.

I also have my own blog site which specifically focuses on Scotland’s district asylums, which can be accessed here.